“Stephen, how did you get involved in this field?”

A. The answer would have to be because of my wife. I have been involved in the field of
sound and energy as a method for meditation, inner journeys and healing since the mid 1980’s,
but after meeting my wife things became more defined and a focus emerged.

Deborah is an amazing inspiration. She has been challenged since she was 10 years old
with a muscle movement disorder called Dystonia. She has been in chronic pain
due to the muscle spasms (contractions) and has used various meditation, energy and
sound modalities to help her cope with the pain. After she experienced a crude version
of healing sounds applied through speakers and had some interesting and potentially
promising benefits, I started to do extensive research into this emerging field.
The field of Vibroacoustics. I researched out various cutting edge technologies and
discovered transducers that apply the subtle vibrations to the body with out being
loud and invasive. I started creating Sound Tables and turned it into a business. With the help and influence of other incredible VAT Therapists, I learned how to create specific VAT or Vibroacoustic frequencies for application to the body with sound tables or sound chairs, with wonderful results.

Working with Deborah as the test subject, given her acute awareness of her body and pain,
we have been able to develop and explore this amazing field of using sound and frequencies
to assist the body in a variety of ways to achieve a greater quality of life. We have received
volumes of collaborating stories over the years, from people all over the world, to the
benefits of using our products and Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT). Sharing this
information and providing quality products for the application of Vibroacoustic Therapy
through various mainstream and alternative modalities has become our life’s mission and
a path that brings us great joy. It lets my heart sing. – Stephen Deuel

“Discovering the field of (VAT) Vibroacoustic Therapy and the numerous benefits
it has provided me has been the greatest element in increasing my quality of life.
I have been dealing with the painful effects of Dystonia since 1969.
The constant and erratic muscle spasms have been a part of my life and
medications were never an acceptable alternative for me. My life has been a journey
of searching out coping methods to deal with the stress, anxiety and the pain that
accompany this incurable disorder. From Mediation to Bio-feedback to various
Alternative and Energy Modalities, I have pursued them all. The application of
Vibroacoustic Therapy and the use of sound, is the ONLY thing that has provided me
with pain relief, reduction in spasms activity and an overall, accumulative benefit to
my health and quality of life. I am a believer that everything in life has a purpose and
as fighter and someone who has never let this disorder stop me from living a full life,
I am glad to be involved in the research and development of this technology.
The ability to assist other people to discover a greater quality of life makes my journey
worthwhile. To experience a pain free body, despite the Dystonia, is the blessing
Vibroacoustic Therapy brings to my life. What can it bring to yours?”

- Deborah Deuel (Stephen’s Wife)

For more info, please see our websites – vibroacoustic.org and innersoulutions.com