Stephen Deuel will be presenting
“Universal Harmonics”

The Way Beyond Conference

Visionaries Sharing a New Way Forward.
Be inspired, awakened and enlightened as visionaries share exciting possibilities and actions
for creating a sustainable future. An illuminating conference that offers a new way
forward at the level of conscious co-creation.
Friday, June 10, 2011 – Sunday, June 12, 2011
Hot Springs, AR

Stephen will be speaking on Universal Harmonics -
The chord created by combining your Soul Note, Heart Tone and the Inner Sound
and its uses. He will also speak about using Vibroacoustics, Sound Tables and
Higher Consciousness.

Presenters Include:
Miguel Angel Vergara: Mayan Nazul
Daniel Pinchbeck: 2012 Time for Change
Chuck & Karen Robison:2012 and beyond : getting serious about consciousness
Sheva Carr: Heartmath Institute
Rose Tocke: Biomimicry Institute
Stephen Deuel: Universal Harmonics
Evan Soule: Science of Volition
Teressena Bakens: Visionary Artist & Author
Shann Ferch: Servant Leadership
Carlos Barrios: Mayan priest – Ajq’ij
Gary Fleck : Our Crystaline Consiousness
Bell & Todd : Visions of an uplifted world
Madra Little : Crystal skull consciousnes
Clay Harbin : enlightenend investor in Life
Lia Scallon : Sounds of Sirius

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