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Vibroacoustic: Equipment, Frequencies & Music, Research and Uses

Stephen is the Managing Director of Inner Soulutions LLC and the Sound Table and VAT Frequency & Music creator and designer for since 1999

I have discovered a life that Lets my Heart Sing : )

Here is a link to a study on “Effects of vibroacoustic music on challenging behaviors in individuals with Autism and developmental disabilities”. The results revealed that vibroacoustic music reduced self-injurious, stereotypic, and aggressive destructive behaviors in the participants.

The Effects of Sound Wave Vibration Therapy on Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease – Abstract -  Results of Study: Results: Improvements were seen in all measures. Specifically, a significant decrease in rigidity,
bradykinesia, and tremor were shown, as well as a significant increase in step length.

New Lightweight Folding Sound Massage Table

We will be introducing our new lightweight vibroacoustic folding Sound Massage table at the IECSC – Spa Show in LasVegas – April 24-26, 2010 – Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth # 1359). The new table is a collaboration between Inner Soulutions LLC – – and Pisces Productions, of Sebastopol, CA.

We have been working on the collaboration since last summer and I am very happy with the new table – it is not only works and sounds great Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT), it is also excellent for Vibroacoustic Music Therapy , (VAM) and Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy (VAHT) as the transducers producer a full range of audio along with vibration from 5 – over 1000 hz. It is more affordable than our custom created Sound Tables.