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Vibroacoustic: Equipment, Frequencies & Music, Research and Uses

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Dr. Oz and Vibroacoustic Music

The YOU Docs physician-authors Mike Roizen and Mehmet Oz commented on Vibroacoustic Music – “Testing is also being done with an unusual kind of massage — vibroacoustic music — that reduces chronic pain for 40 percent of people. It hasn’t been tried for IC yet, but someday your doc may write you a prescription for good vibrations.” Click for link.

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Conscious Flight - Vibroacoustic MusicIntroducing our first Vibroacoustic Music CD, Conscious Flight, a 45 minute journey into Inner Peace specifically created for Sound Tables and other Vibroacoustic equipment. Produced by Inner Soulutions, the CD combines music, sound, VAT (Vibroacoustic) frequencies and binaural beats. The CD may be used with or without headphones in your Sound Table. Excellent for stress relief, massage, meditation, Parkinson’s, muscle relaxation and spasms.

Conscious Flight © Inner Soulutions 2011

Here is a link to a study on “Effects of vibroacoustic music on challenging behaviors in individuals with Autism and developmental disabilities”. The results revealed that vibroacoustic music reduced self-injurious, stereotypic, and aggressive destructive behaviors in the participants.