Vibroacoustic Therapy Workshop


Vibroacoustic Workshop – Enhancing Quality of Life
Sunday, Dec 15th, 2013
Time: 1 pm – 6 pm. Lewiston, NY

This experiential workshop will introduce you to the world Vibroacoustics, what it is and how it works and the variety of applications and benefits for enhancing your quality of life. Everyone will have personal time on the InnerSoul Liquid SoundTable and InnerSoul Sound Chair to have their own vibroacoustic experience. Space is limited.

Introduction to VAT (Vibroacoustioc Therapy)
Intoduction to VAM (Vibroacoustic Music)
Exploring add-ons - Mixing boards, Light Glasses, surround sound, video, etc.

Registration is required: $150
Seats are limited.

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Facilitated by Vibroacoustic Specialist, Stephen Deuel, he will share with you his
experiences over the past 14 years, in working with vibroacoustic sound technology.
Stephen has been working with Alternative Sound Therapies since the 1980's.
He teaches workshops in the US and Canada dealing with Vibroacoustics, Sacred Geometries,
Alternative Sound and connecting to your Higher Consciousness.   

"We attended this training to gain more in depth information about Vibroacoustics and its many applications. Our day with Stephen more than delivered! He gave us good information but most importantly a lot of hands on experience. He has such a wealth of knowledge & experience with this subject. Stephen's enthusiasm is infectious and it has given us the "kick in the pants" we have needed to move forward with our business. We would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in Vibroacoustics."
Deb & Rae - Ohio


We are also working on a book that deals with Sound Tables from the therapists perspective. It is an edited book that deals with how Sound Tables are used, choice of music, case studies, etc. We have had submissions from Massage, Cranio Sacral, Myofascial, Trigger points, Harp and VAT therapists as well as energy workers so far. If you have an interest in sharing your experiences, please contact us. Email:



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