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"I was able to go and visit (a Sound Table Therapist) who had me use your table... ammmmmaaaaazing... with the quality of your product, I'm certain you will be around for some time to come :)"
K. , SF, CA

“Table has arrived and it is everything I expected and more. Great job, a work of art for sure!!! I set it up last night and tried it out myself. It is a much more comfortable table than the table I used when I took my sound healing workshop. I love the fact that the sound is independent of the vibration unlike other tables also.”
Kathleen, MA

"...By the way, we love your Conscious Flight cd. The clients and the staff, seem to really relax with that one! We are loving our tranquil water table and we built a special room for it and I love doing energy work on it as well as my famous Himalayan salt stone massage!!!!" - Janet Lauer - Divine Massage and Sauna

"My son says "this (Sound Mat) is way better than the (Somatron) chair!" (for VAHT) So thumbs up...
Thanks for your quick service and your beautiful product.
Anita, VAHT - Ontario, Canada

"I have a client with an advanced case of Parkinson’s Disease. As her body tremors constantly, she has a difficult time balancing and suffers with muscle cramps and numerous other symptoms common to her condition. The miracle for her is that from the moment she lays on the VT table, her body is fully relaxed and she is pain and symptom free the entire session. I really didn’t understand how astonishing this was until her daughter came in and was dumbfounded!! She said that her mother is never calm, relaxed and restful any where else- even when she sleeps at night. "
Kristin, TN

"This is fun - - we had completed an installation and training of a low level laser system for a medical clinic.   The director of the clinic asked if we would share, in detail, our soundlight session - rejuvenation protocol because she had heard the results were amazing.  (This is a session on the sound table with lasers - resonating lasers carrying specific frequencies, 'laser acupuncture', and an energy enhanced product formulated by a local naturopath.)  Clients consistently see a visible difference in 20 minutes.  It's a blast working with this table." Michaela & Jennifer , Desert Longevity Institute, Laser Light Institute, Palm Desert, CA

"The Chair exceeded our expectations, as we have found that we can relax so much you just let go of stresses to the point you start living in a more relaxed fashion. It’s new level of relaxation I suppose. My husband uses it every day before he goes to work and has been having great business ideas come to him and comes up with different approaches in dealing with issues and resistance with people at work, so rather than coming home cranky about a situation he has turned it around to positive dealings.. He attributes the Chair to greater calmness and clearer thinking and become more visionary. He is a Chartered Accountant and so a mainstream type of person." - Julia, Australia

"Hi Stephen, Your bed is tremendous!  I love to lay on it while playing some frequencies and listening to a meditation, often I will fall into a really deep sleep, and wake up feeling rejuvenated.  My family, friends, and clients that have experienced the bed also really like it! I definitely feel that I made the right choice purchasing from you." Candice - LA, CA -

"Wow" has been the comment I've heard the most within seconds of turning up the tables. Everyone has noticed and commented on the marked difference (from our old Sound Table). Everyone has been very satisfied. Two other clients said nearly the same thing. "It was like floating on water, or like floating on a wave of sound." I love having a hydraulic table. What a difference. Easier for our clients to get on and off and wonderful to get the client where I need them with such ease. Stephen, these tables are a work of art. I feel so lucky to have found you. This has taken our craft and practice to a space I couldn't have reached so quickly in terms of how we effect people. I appreciate you guiding us from one plane of healing to a multidimensional journey. I really wanted to say thank you very much for coming here to set up the tables and again for guiding me through some uncharted yet beautiful waters. Your friend in peace and healing", Dave M & M Massage Studio

“I can't say enough good things about this table. It is very good quality and the customer service has been great. Thank you so much for creating it.” and 2 years later -

" I have done fascial type bodywork for 15 years now, but I have only introduced the sound table in the last two. The difference has been nothing short of miraculous. Restricted tissue seems to just melt in half the time it used to take before the vibration of the table assisted me. Using the sound table to release restrictions in the body is like having another therapist in the room working with me. I am able to accomplish twice as much in one session as I did before. Clients notice the difference as well."
Patti, NH

"My goodness, nothing you could have said adequately prepared me for how brilliant the vibroacoustic therapy is. I am using it on those with arthritis, Parkinson's, post traumatic stress, COPD, degenerative disk neck pain, back pain, stress, even gallbladder pain, all with amazing results... Thank you for your time and for making such a wonderful bed, I am so grateful for what it can do. Brilliant!" - Roberta, The Oasis, Courtenay, BC, Canada

"Hi Stephen
Just wanted to tell you I'm still loving my Dad (who continues to win his battle with colon cancer) is coming to me once a week at The Oasis for sessions...we run the liver and colon cd's and I do Reiki/Healing Touch on him as well. He is deathly allergic to chemotherapy, therefore the allopathic medical system has basically written him off. They do check him every three months to test his 'numbers' to track the progress of his illness. The great news is the numbers continue to drop slowly, which is a brilliant thing.
I just had to tell you how much I am loving the fact that I can offer some help to him that brings him such joy as well. He always leaves feeling so well, it's wonderful. My clientele is building slowly and very positively...
Roberta Lacroix"
The Oasis Integrated Health Therapies

"For the past 2-3 weeks my back has been really hurting. I have about an 11 year old injury. L4, L5,S1 herniations. I gave myself 2 treatments yesterday on my Sound Table with the spinal frequency, back to back, (pardon the pun) and I am amazed at the results. My pain is gone. Pure and simple. I had received 4 chiropractic accupressure treatments and a number of massage treatments but my back just did not want to get better. But, just about an hour of this frequency and, no pain. Thanks Stephen. As you know I am an LMT. I had an appointment scheduled at 5:30pm and I knew I was in trouble. I did the sound therapy session a couple of hours prior to the appointment and I was able to give the massage and still have no pain. These sound frequencies are truley remarkable." Dave McAlpine, LMT, TX

"Hi, Stephen - ... we met at the Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe in 2006, and I eventually purchased a sound mat. Just thought I'd let you know that I use it very often in my work as a psychotherapist and find it extremely helpful with clients dealing with anxiety, stress, chronic pain, depression, and general "don't feel good." I don't have enough data to constitute "research" -- very low "N" -- but some good anecdotal information that leaves me convinced that the incorporation of sound healing into psychotherapy is very effective. My next step: a chair..." Anne R. Bewley, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, NH

"The best investment that I ever made.The stress relieving properties of the sound mat allows for hours and hours of peaceful sleep as your body is completely relaxed. I use it every night. My Dad is on oxygen and can barely walk. He tried the red color cd and felt so good that he did not want to get up for the relief of pain and total relaxation that he was experiencing. Love and Light!!Greg" - IL

"The table is beautiful!! I love it! It is everything and more you said it would be. I have not the words to compliment you adequately.

Dan helped me with everything today. He does woodworking and used to build cabinets and tables for the training units dad and he built for the oil refinery's and schools. He complimented your work on the table and noticed everything. The red oak and the finish work are so nice. Dan was impressed with your workmanship and care in sending the table, also ... We really appreciated the very clear directions...

It has not been that often in our lives we receive everything we ask for in a product or purchase. You have exceeded our expectations with your beautiful sound table!! ...

OH, Dan and I thought the hydraulic lift works so well!! It was so smooth raising and lowering. Having the lift is the only way to go for the tables. I am so glad I purchased the one with the lift!!"

and later ...

"The sound table has been wonderful just as you said it would! I have had very good results from every patient I have seen. I use Olav's frequencies on everyone plus the music through the table and the speakers. Everything sounds so nice. Wonderful!!"
Linda , Lake Wales, FL

"Hi Stephen, After having experienced the vibroacoustic music mat for several weeks, I wanted to take a minute to give you some feedback.  I feel as if a whole new world of healing is opening up for me and your Music Mat is just what the doctor SHOULD have ordered (for my fibromyalgia)! I have been using a couple of "frequency" CDs as well as a few other music CDs recommended on your site.  The vibroacoustic experience on your Mat is loving, nurturing, soothing and uniquely pleasurable.  It is almost like the Mat is a Living Being beaming spiritual energy into the center of my being.  I always leave the experience with the sense that I have been touched by a Healing Presence whose Gift is beyond words.  When I turn the Mat off and stand up the very cells in my body seem to be singing with new energy and vitality.  I am treasuring the special gifts this technology offers - though technology doesn't seem to quite fit the living quality of this precious instrument you have so lovingly built!  Heartful thanks to you and your family in your dedication to creating these Mats for us! In love and light, Lee" (AL)

“Just got the table and I have to say I am very impressed.......great workmanship....worth every penny of the price. Got it set up and have already been on it for a while and it is great.”
Tim, Houston, TX

"Still enjoying my table immensely. Most people who have tried the table really feel quite good afterwards. I go to someone who uses the Dreamweaver and Somatron mat, but I prefer your table. I am not sure why, but I just feel so much better on it. I think it is more comfortable and the vibration just feels better."
Jeanette, MA

“Without exception the clients tell me that the experience of the massage is felt on a deeper level. The sound penetrates the body in a subtle way and generates a feeling of deeper relaxation. Oh and on a side note, I gave a massage with the vibroacoustic frequencies to the actor Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon/Color Purple) who is now in Namibia for a movie. He enjoyed it greatly.”
Ludo, Annica Spa, Namibia

“Aloha Stephen! The table is working great!!! We love the table and have been working with it testing different instruments, CDs, etc. Doug has been making test CDs with different Hawaiian slack key tunings for us to test.  It's a wonder-full experience!! Mahalo and a hui hou.”
Sandy & Doug, Hawaii

“It has helped increase my client base for starters. Beyond that, it has helped reduce the amount of effort I once had to use, simply because my patients are so relaxed by the time that I finish the preliminary aspect of the massage, the rest of their body is so ready for what's next.”
Christina, FL

“It is amazing! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. Also your instructions were so easy, I had it set up in no time.”
Dr. Nance MacLeod, Ontario, Canada

“Thanks for making such a beautiful table! It turned out perfectly-cosmetically as well as functionally. Manuel and I feel like we are on a new adventure. It's a wonderful addition to our home.”
Lisa (Harp Therapist) and Manuel, IL

"I really like my VAT mat and VAT pillow! WOW! It is very affective for pain."
Christiane S., Ontario, Canada

“I’ve been meaning to send you an e-mail and let you know how thrilled I am with the table. It is wonderful!!  I love working with it, people love being on it and everyday I try to spend at least 30 minutes meditation time on the table. Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship. It was a total pleasure doing business with you. The table is one of my greatest joys in my practice.”
Lisa, TX

“Received the table. Stephen, it is awesome!! I have no regrets.”
Linda, TX

“I am very happy to have the sound table; it is the best/wisest investment I have ever made in my business. One of the benefits I experience when giving massage is that I don’t have to exert as much pressure. The clients “let go” and relax so much quicker and deeper, so it makes my part easier.”
Gail, AR

“My life has changed (since acquiring the sound table). It has opened realms for me to share many genres of music in a way that I have not before.”
Jahsah, Sedona, AZ

“Good to hear from you. We are doing well. My table is still working great! (purchased in 2002) ”
Mike, MO

"Received the table on Tuesday. It is awesome. Already have paying clients fighting to get on. You did a great job, thank you so much.”
LeAnn, Fredericksburg, TX

“I purchased one of your tables and just wanted to let you know how much we love it. The business is doing very well, in fact there is a lady from Bonita Living Magazine is interested in writing an article on us and the table.”
Christy, FL

“We have also received the bed (table) and really do appreciate the level of care and attention that was taken during the manufacturing process … I have to say we are very happy with the product.”
David, Spa Illuminata, London UK

"I'd like to let you know that I'm having positive responses to the table. One of my clients came in with soreness in the left scapula area due to a pinched nerve. His sensitivity to touch made it difficult to find relief. I had him lay still and used your spinal frequency CD for the duration and it helped him to relax and improve ROM."
Dan, Ridgecrest, CA



Healing with Sound Vibration

by Tim Janak Sr.

From: Paths In Healing Newsletter, (Houston, TX) August 2006

As you read thru this newsletter you will see a new link on the side bar to “” (and "") . Take some time and check it out. It is the home of Stephen Deuel and the Vibroacoustic Sound Tables.

About three years ago I was introduced to receiving bodywork on a Sound and Vibration Platform. I became so fascinated by the effects it had on me that it got me to studying more about sound and vibration in healing. Knowing that this sounds a little out there, I know some of you will question my sanity when I say that one day I left from a session with the sound and vibration platform and I felt the vibration thru my body for the rest of the evening and then even into the next day. You can believe that or not, however you will never convince me that I did not feel that. I felt exactly that!!! I came to realize that as I got regular bodywork on that platform not only were my muscles and soft tissue being addressed, but every cell in my body was being influenced by vibration. Session after session I became more sensitive and amazed at the healing power of sound and vibration.

I was convinced and did some research on Sound and Vibration tables. I was lead to Stephen Deuel of (and As we talked I found out that the tables were built from the ground up so that they could withstand the constant vibration. Today I can only say great things about the construction and performance of these tables. These tables are beyond being the best; they are a sacred healing modality!

Since I have been using the table I have witnessed many healings with the use of sound and vibration. If you check Stephens’s website you will find a link which shows that every muscle resonates to a frequency. If you think long enough about it you will realize that life is about movement, movement creates vibration and it is what resonates in our bodies and tissues. Disease and other states of dysfunction take away our movement. This takes away vibration which decreases proper circulation. As circulation decreases our tissues become ischemic. More pain and dysfunction set in and soon we are drawn into the never ending Pain Cycle. As Therapists we should seek to break this Pain Cycle. Sound and vibration at different frequencies promotes circulation and this is what ischemic tissue is needing. I have had clients that were in so much pain that I decided against massage, thinking that it would be to invasive. I held space and invited them to lay on the table to see what would happen. After 45 minutes to 1 hour when they got up the pain had reduced by 50% to 70%.

Every modality I use whether it is Energy Work, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy or Craniosacral Therapy is enhanced by the sound/vibration table. The really unique thing about all this is that as the vibration affects the client during the massage, I am also being affected by the sound and vibration. This is something that may be hard for you to understand until you actually feel it. However again it happens over and over again?

Sound and Vibration have been around for a long time. There are many accounts when healers and shamans have been seen and heard chanting a set of vocals or words which produced a vibration before they touched someone for healing purposes. Sound and Vibration can be introduced to the body in many ways. It is an ancient way of medicine that has been forgotten and is being brought back into the Healing mainstream of today.

I invite you to check out Stephens website(s). He has many other valuable links and if you get a chance check out some of the music links for massage. They are nice not only thru a sound table but also thru a stereo.

------- Tim Janak's website is:

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