Inner Soulutions - Institute for Research and Development of Alternative
Dynamic, interactive and experiential lectures, workshops and healing sessions focused on Sound and Energy Healing and designed to help you integrate Spirituality and balance into your everyday life.

Olav Skille's Website
Vibroacoustic Therapy reseacher for over 30 years.
First Vibroacoustic Therapy Consultant in the world.

Music for the Tactile Sound Table
Music Therapy, Sound Therapy, Etc.

Both Mind Workstation and Neuro Programmer
are great for creating Binaurals

Tuning Forks
Sound Healing & Therapy

We heartily recomend Pisces Productions
For Excellent, Light Massage Tables made in the USA


Liquid Mind
Relaxation Music by Chuck Wild & Liquid Mind

Bliss Music
Deep Relaxation by Kip Mazuy
Exquisite Music for Deep Relaxation, Meditation & Enlightenment

Rhythmic Medicine
Music therapy recordings and instruments from music therapist Janalea Hoffman

Feng Shui by Judith Aurora Ryan
Consultations in Little Rock and around the world for over 25 years.

Old Me New Me
A program on CD to help children and teens decrease stress, anxiety and negative behavior.

Improve Vision: Natural Vision Improvement
Natural vision correction kit. Avoid lasik surgery.

Healing through Detoxification, Cleansing, Chelation, and Juicing.
Information on Body Detoxification, Colon Cleansing, Healing Foods, Herbal Colon Cleansing,
Oral Chelation, Juicing, Heavy Metal Removal, and Liver Detoxification.

Chelation Therapy
Chelation therapy is the only way to treat lead poisoning.
But lead is not the only metal cleansed from the body through chelation.

Global Healing Center, Inc.
Specializing in physician approved hi-tech supplements, detoxification, oxygen therapy, chelation, pain relief, stress, water/air purification and more. Your health is our #1 priority.

Shanti Village
Alternative medicine and natural healing website in Australia. Topics include Internal cleansing, oxygen colon cleansing, holistic colon hydrotherapy (colonics), fasting, other internal cleansing modalities, intestinal problems, cleansing equipment, parasite, liver and kidney cleanse, Zapper, colloidal silver, Ayurveda, flower essences, aromatherapy, acupuncture and more
a web thesaurus and lexicon listing under vibroacoustic, therapy, music,
and health/massage therapy and bodywork

Top Massage Sites
A Valuable Massage Information Resource and Directory.
A web thesaurus and lexicon listing under vibroacoustic,therapy and sound



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