InnerSoul Sound Tables

The Evolution of Sound Tables

The advanced technology transducers in all of our Sound Tables
are recognized as the best vibroacoustic transducers made in the world.
With these advanced technology transducers the vibrations in the table are
incredibly accurate and smooth. They are highly reliable and produce very little heat,
unlike inexpensive transducers.
Laying on one of these tables,
you become one with the music and vibration in a way not possible before.
The vibration is delivered so cleanly that the brain interprets the stimulus as
Sound, not Shaking. The Sound is felt from 5 hz to over 1000 hz and
a full spectrum of audio is heard.

The cells of our bodies 'sing' to each other, a form of intracellular communication,
and do it most effectively in the range 100 to 1000 Hertz
(from the he work of James Gimzewski of UCLA, California).
For more thoughts on this, click here.

Transducer positioning in each of our custom built tables is individually determined using the
PHI ratio of Golden Mean in combination with sound nodes in the diaphragm of the table.
Does this make a difference?
Check out the feedback from our clients.

Our custom built Sound Tables have been used in Spas and by individual massage therapists
on five continents since the 1990's. For more information, please see this article in
Spa Review Magazine

These Tables are also excellent for VAHT - Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy®
and Sound Therapy


We design all of our Stationary Sound Tables to be Sound Tables.
They are created to transmit the vibration in the best manner and to stand up to that vibration.
Our Stationary Sound Tables are custom built for you in the USA.
Transducer positioning in each of our tables is individually determined using the
PHI ratio in combination with sound nodes in each diaphragm of the table.


Provided with the InnerSoul Sound Table are your choice of
4 of our VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) Frequency CDs.
Choose from the Pain Management, Human Body,
Muscle & Structural or Energy and Balancing Series of
VAT Frequency CDs and
3 of our Vibroacoustic Music CDs "Counscious Flight", "Deep Inner Peace" and "Inner Alignment"

For more examples of Vibroacoustic Music -Click Here

Your Sound Table includes an excellent impedance matched power amplifier to individually control the Transducers in the Evolution Series Tactile Sound Table as well as necessary color coded patch cables.

Your Sound Table needs an amplifier to work and an excellent amp is included in the cost.
It also requires a source for your music or frequencies.

The setup can be as simple as plugging your Ipad into the amplifier,
turning them on, adjusting the volume and laying down on your sound table.

If can also be adapted to use soundboards or mixers for mixing voice, instruments, music CDs and
frequencies from cds or computers, etc. as well as integrating Light and Sound machines.
We have a great deal of experience and are very willing to share what we know
so that you can accomplish what you desire with your Sound Table.

Connect to your CD Player, computer , Ipod, etc.

PU Vinyl is standard on our Stationary Lift Tables.
We use a Water Based Polyurethane "Vinyl" that is free of solvents, antimonies or other hazardous chemicals. Low VOC. PVC, Solvent / DMF, Formaldehyde, Phthalate and Heavy Metal FREE. Abrasion Resistance - 500,000+ Double Rubs

InnerSoul Sound Massage Tables

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Stationary Table:

Custom Created Hydraulic Lift - Electric w/ Amplifier: -
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All of our Stationary Sound Tables are custom built for You in the US.
Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for us to create your Sound Table.

You can also check out the FAQs.

We shipp to Europe and the Far East.

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If you have questions about which table is best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

or call 1 716 524 2349


Sound Table Feedback

YES, the table is fabulous. The vibrations are powerful but not shaky, they are smooth and rolling.
Michaela, CA

"Wow" has been the comment I've heard the most within seconds of turning up the tables. Everyone has noticed and commented on the marked difference (from our old Sound Table). Everyone has been very satisfied. Two other clients said nearly the same thing. "It was like floating on water, or like floating on a wave of sound." I love having a hydraulic table. What a difference. Easier for our clients to get on and off and wonderful to get the client where I need them with such ease. Stephen, these tables are a work of art. I feel so lucky to have found you. This has taken our craft and practice to a space I couldn't have reached so quickly in terms of how we effect people. I appreciate you guiding us from one plane of healing to a multidimensional journey. I really wanted to say thank you very much for coming here to set up the tables and again for guiding me through some uncharted yet beautiful waters. Your friend in peace and healing", Dave
M & M Massage Studio

“Table has arrived and it is everything I expected and more. Great job, a work of art for sure!!! I set it up last night and tried it out myself. It is a much more comfortable table than the table I used when I took my sound healing workshop. I love the fact that the sound is independent of the vibration unlike other tables also.

Q - What type of bodywork / modalities do you do and how does the sound table help you do that work?

A - I am a licensed massage therapist who specializes in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and Visceral Manipulation. I also use various tuning forks for soma body balancing. I am finding a huge difference in the amount of time I have to wait for the fascial system to soften while a person is on the table. Much more is accomplished in an hour session and my clients who have been with me long before I had the table are very aware of the difference in there sessions.
Cape Cod Myofascial Release Studio Kathleen Silva-Tanguay LMT

“I can't say enough good things about this table. It is very good quality and the customer service has been great. Thank you so much for creating it.” and 2 years later -

" I have done fascial type bodywork for 15 years now, but I have only introduced the (tactile) sound table in the last two. The difference has been nothing short of miraculous. Restricted tissue seems to just melt in half the time it used to take before the vibration of the table assisted me. Using the sound table to release restrictions in the body is like having another therapist in the room working with me. I am able to accomplish twice as much in one session as I did before. Clients notice the difference as well."
Patti Schippani, Owner of Soma Advanced Body Therapy in Merrimack, NH and
Golden Touch Massage Therapy in Nashua, NH , Chairperson of the Massage Therapy Board of Advisors in NH

"The table is beautiful!! I love it! It is everything and more you said it would be. I have not the words to compliment you adequately.

Dan helped me with everything today. He does woodworking and used to build cabinets and tables for the training units dad and he built for the oil refinery's and schools. He complimented your work on the table and noticed everything. The red oak and the finish work are so nice. Dan was impressed with your workmanship and care in sending the table, also ... We really appreciated the very clear directions...

It has not been that often in our lives we receive everything we ask for in a product or purchase. You have exceeded our expectations with your beautiful sound table!! ...

OH, Dan and I thought the hydraulic lift works so well!! It was so smooth raising and lowering. Having the lift is the only way to go for the tables. I am so glad I purchased the one with the lift!!"

and later ...

"The sound table has been wonderful just as you said it would! I have had very good results from every patient I have seen. I use Olav's frequencies on everyone plus the music through the table and the speakers. Everything sounds so nice. Wonderful!!"
Linda , Lake Wales, FL

“Just got the table and I have to say I am very impressed.......great workmanship....worth every penny of the price. Got it set up and have already been on it for a while and it is great.”
Tim, Houston, TX

"Still enjoying my table immensely. Most people who have tried the table really feel quite good afterwards. I go to someone who uses the Dreamweaver and Somatron mat, but I prefer your table. I am not sure why, but I just feel so much better on it. I think it is more comfortable and the vibration just feels better."
Jeanette, MA

“Without exception the clients tell me that the experience of the massage is felt on a deeper level. The sound penetrates the body in a subtle way and generates a feeling of deeper relaxation. Oh and on a side note, I gave a massage with the vibroacoustic frequencies to the actor Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon/Color Purple) who is now in Namibia for a movie. He enjoyed it greatly.”
Ludo, Annica Spa, Namibia, Africa

“Aloha Stephen! The table is working great!!! We love the table and have been working with it testing different instruments, CDs, etc. Doug has been making test CDs with different Hawaiian slack key tunings for us to test.  It's a wonder-full experience!! Mahalo and a hui hou.”
Sandy & Doug, Hawaii

“It has helped increase my client base for starters. Beyond that, it has helped reduce the amount of effort I once had to use, simply because my patients are so relaxed by the time that I finish the preliminary aspect of the massage, the rest of their body is so ready for what's next.”
Christina, FL

“It is amazing! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. Also your instructions were so easy, I had it set up in no time.”
Dr. Nance MacLeod, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve been meaning to send you an e-mail and let you know how thrilled I am with the table. It is wonderful!!  I love working with it, people love being on it and everyday I try to spend at least 30 minutes meditation time on the table. Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship. It was a total pleasure doing business with you. The table is one of my greatest joys in my practice.”
Lisa, TX

“Received the table. Stephen, it is awesome!! I have no regrets.”
Linda, TX

“I am very happy to have the sound table; it is the best/wisest investment I have ever made in my business. One of the benefits I experience when giving massage is that I don’t have to exert as much pressure. The clients “let go” and relax so much quicker and deeper, so it makes my part easier.”
Gail, AR

“My life has changed (since acquiring the sound table). It has opened realms for me to share many genres of music in a way that I have not before.”
Jahsah, Sedona, AZ

“Good to hear from you. We are doing well. My table is still working great! (purchased in 2002) ”
Mike, MO

"Received the table on Tuesday. It is awesome. Already have paying clients fighting to get on. You did a great job, thank you so much.”
LeAnn, Fredericksburg, TX

“I purchased one of your tables and just wanted to let you know how much we love it. The business is doing very well, in fact there is a lady from Bonita Living Magazine is interested in writing an article on us and the table.”
Christy, FL

“We have also received the bed (table) and really do appreciate the level of care and attention that was taken during the manufacturing process … I have to say we are very happy with the product.”
David, Spa Illuminata, London UK

"I'd like to let you know that I'm having positive responses to the table. One of my clients came in with soreness in the left scapula area due to a pinched nerve. His sensitivity to touch made it difficult to find relief. I had him lay still and used your spinal frequency CD for the duration and it helped him to relax and improve ROM."
Dan, Ridgecrest, CA

"I work with a dear woman who’s in her late 70’s. She has a very progressive stage of Parkinson’s. She is very uncomfortable due to uncontrollable shaking which gives her muscle cramps and fatigue and loss of balance and body control.  Last week I could tell she had an attitude of defeat and all of her energy systems were not flowing well. I had her lie on the table and she relaxed immediately. I think the only relief she receives is on the table. Do you know that she never shakes at all when she’s on the table! For that alone the table was worth the expense."
Kristin, TN


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